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Direct Read Explosion Proof Integrated Flow Meter MTF Electromagnetic

Direct Read Explosion Proof Integrated Flow Meter MTF Electromagnetic

    • Direct Read Explosion Proof Integrated Flow Meter MTF Electromagnetic
    • Direct Read Explosion Proof Integrated Flow Meter MTF Electromagnetic
  • Direct Read Explosion Proof Integrated Flow Meter MTF Electromagnetic

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Metlan
    Certification: CE/CMC/ISO9001
    Model Number: MTF

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: in wooden box
    Delivery Time: 7 working days after received your payment
    Payment Terms: T/T or western Union,
    Supply Ability: 100pcs per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Direct Read Electromagnetic Flow Meter Diameter: 1"~48"
    Communication: Modbus Output Signal: 4-20mA,pulse
    Liner: PTFE Electrode: SS316L,HB. HC,Ti,Ta,PT

    Direct Read Explosion Proof Integrated Flow Meter MTF Electromagnetic
     Main Parameters

    ■ Ambient temperature-25℃---65℃
    ■ Ambient humidity≦95%
    ■ Medium temperature:-25℃--80℃(Note:The temperature is
    different for each lining material, please advise when place
    ■ Casing protection level IP65,IP67,IP68
    ■ Flow range 0.5 --- 15m/s
    ■ Measuring diameter:DN10---DN2400
    ■ Electrode material:Standard 316L(other material is optional)
    ■ Flange installation:Comply with GB9119,carbon steel(stainless
    steel is optional)
    ■ Pressure Grade:PN1.0;PN1.6;PN2.5;PN4.0 optional
    ■ Accuracy Grade:0.5 Grade,0.2 Grade
    ■ Measuring Parameters:instant flow ,instant flow rate
    ■ Record parameters : Total flow accumulated, 32 group event
    ■ Detection and alarm parameters:Pipe empty alarm, Excitation
    current detection alarm
    Battery capacity detection alarm
    ■ Flow curves: Automatically show flow percentage and curves.
    ■ Scaled output signal: Unit volume flow pulse




    MTF electromagnetic flow meter is, a kind of instrument,used for measuring the flow conductivity liquid.
    It can be  widely used in flow measuring field

    1. Metallurgy

    2. Chemical industry

    3. Paper industry

    4. Environmental protection, 

    5. Oil industry, 

    6. Textile industry, 

    7. Food industry

    8. City administration

    9. Water works.

    <1>. It has the function of low conductivity measurement.
    <2>. It has the consistency of converter’s interchange, which can avoid input parameters repeatedly.
    <3>. Wide range of power supply mode is available (DC: 18V-36V/AC: 85V-265V).
    <4>. It adopts the international leading excitation technology, which circuit is simple, stable, and reliable.
    <5>. It provides the function of zero correction of sensor and automatic zero adjustment.
    <6>. It has multi-language interface to satisfy all the users’ requirements.
    <7>. It has the function of self-adjustment and self-checking.




    lining materials(Only for reference)


    Lining material Main Performance Applied Scope
    1. Have the most stable chemical properties in plastics, and resist boiling hydrochlor and sulfuric acid, nitric acid aqua regia, strong alkali, and all kinds of organic solvents, but can not resist the corrosion of chlorine trifluoride, liquid fluorine, liquid oxygen and ozone.
    2. Low abrasion resistance

    3.Low negative pressure resistance

    1. -25℃-140℃

    2. Strong corrosion medium, like strong acid and alkali.

    3.Healthcare medium

    CR Oil proof, solvent resistance, oxidatite resistance and the resist the erosion of common medium like acid, alkali, salt, etc


    2.be able to measure sewage and mud

    1. Very good abrasive resistance, flexibility

    2. Low acid and alkali resistance

    1. <65℃

    2. Neutral strong abrasion resistance medium

    Hard Rubber
    1. Good resistance to room temperature, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, ammonia, phosphoric acid and 50% sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide
    2. Avoid strong oxidants


    2.General acid, alkali, salt solution

    1. can be used for most corrosive medium like acids, alkalis, and strong oxidant.
    2. 2.high material strength, resistance to aging, better than PTFE,EFP in high temperature
    3. Injection molding for higher negative pressure


    1. strong corrosion medium, like strong acid and alkali
    2. Healthcare medium
    1. hydrophobicity and non-viscous
    2. Corrosion resistance is inferior to PFA
    3. Negative pressure


    1. strong corrosion medium, like strong acid and alkali
    2. Healthcare medium







    Electrode material(Only for reference)


    Electrode material Main performance
    316L Good resistance to the corrosion of nitric acid, <5% Sulfuric acid under room temperature, Acetic acid, Alkaline fluid, Sulfite under certain pressure, seawater and Acetic acid, etc. It can be widely used in the petrochemical, urea, vinylon.
    HB Good resistance to the all the concentration of hydrochloric acid below the boiling point, also resist the corrosion of non-oxidizing acid, alkali, salt like sulfuric acid phosphoric acid hydrofluoric acid, organic acids.
    HC Resist the corrosion of oxidizing acids like metric acid, mixed acid, the mixture of chromium acid and sulfuric acid, and salts of oxidative, like Fe+++,Q+++,and some other oxidants, like hypochlorite salt solution higher than normal temperature and seawater.
    Ti Resist the corrosion of seawater, various chlorides,hypochlorite, oxidizing acid(like su-lfuric acid, hydrochloric acid). But if acid includes oxidants(like nitric acid,Fe+++,Q+++),the corrosion resistance will decrease.
    Ta Good corrosion resistance similar to glass. Resist the corrosion of chemical medium(including hydrochloric acid and fuming sulfuric acid),but can not be used for Sodium hydroxide fluid.
    Pt-Ir Have good corrosion resistance of all acid, and can resist the corrosion of alkali, all salt except Aqua regia, ammonium salt and few other medium.
    Tungsten Carbide For pulp and sewage, good resistance to solid particle interference.





    Model Table:


    Type of instrument MTF  
    Installation form -S Flange-type sensor
    -D Clamping-type sensor
    -C Insertion-type sensor
    Pipe diameter 15 15mm
    20 20mm
    25 25mm
    .... ....
    2400 2400mm
    Electrode form -F Standard and fixed type
    Electrode material A Stainless steel 316L
    B Hb
    C Ta
    D Ti
    E Hc
    F Tungsten Carbide
    G other
    Lining material R Rubber
    P PTFE
    O Please mark out others
    Measuring pipe material B 304 Stainless steel (Standard)
    C 316 Stainless steel
    Flange Material A 304 stainless steel
    B 316 Stainless steel
    C 20# Carbon steel
    Cover Material D Cover 304 stainless steel
    E Cover 316 Stainless steel
    F Cover Carbon steel paint (Epoxy metallic paint)
    Installation material flange 0 Without matching flange
    1 With matching flange
    Ground ring 0 Without ground ring
    1 With ground ring
    Rated voltage -10 1.0MPa
    -16 1.6MPa
    -40 4.0MPa
    Working temperature E ≦60℃
    H ≦180℃(devided type)
    Form of converter -I Integrated type
    -D Divided type
    Output signal and communication P Pulse
    A 4-20mA
    G 485 communication
    H Hart communication
    Q Others
    Power supply 0 220V AC
    1 24V DC
    2 Battery-powered
    Protection level 0 IP65
    1 IP67(devided type)
    2 IP68(devided type)
    Other features R Heat
    P With PT1000
    B Without PT1000
    Explosive proof level 0 Non-explosive proof
    EX EX




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